Private care options may be answer for boomers with elderly relatives

Tending to an elderly family member's needs is often a challenging task for caregivers, and a significant portion of baby boomers are facing the task of finding help and funding for their loved ones.

A recent survey by found that everyday errands and responsibilities were a top concern among those polled. Nearly half named transportation, money management and household chores as typical caregiving duties, and approximately the same number were unsure how to provide the type of care their loved one would prefer.

Home health care is a common choice for seniors living at home or with family members, and may present the desired level and quality of care. Private care attendants may not be able to provide certain services such as long-distance transportation, however, and busy baby boomers may lack the time to handle this type of responsibility.

Alternative services may be the answer in such cases. According to the Bangor Daily News, Sonja Burns of Warren, Maine, recently created a new venture that helps the elderly and their families with the hassle of flights: Air Companions Incorporated. Burns accompanies customers throughout the often challenging air travel process.

"I just like the adventure of it," Burns, a nurse, told the news source. "Not to say it never gets stressful!"